Foothills Brass Quintet

Foothills Brass Quintet

A Big Brass Christmas

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Killarney Foundation Community Hall

Shamrock Recreation Centre

Doors open 7:00 pm

Now Celebrating 38 great years of entertaining audiences! Whether dazzling students with high energy interactive programs, or enlightening adults to the incredible versatility of the brass quintet, Foothills Brass delivers SERIOUS FUN!

Principal accomplishments of the Quintet include touring of all Canadian provinces, the Yukon, and NWT, and tours through much of the United States. Other international tours have taken Foothills Brass as far as Israel. They were featured guests in the “Canada in the City” festival sponsored by the Canada High Commission, and at the first annual Covent Garden Festival, both in London, England.

Foothills Brass has built its reputation around an eclectic repertoire, which enhances an audience’s ability to appreciate and understand music. The ensemble has an established tradition of balancing well-known with unfamiliar repertoire. Canadian works are routinely included, encouraging audiences to become better acquainted with the artistry of Canada. Canadian composers Shelton Brooks, Herbert Clarke, Quentin Doolittle Malcolm and Forsyth are featured, as well as commissioned work from Canadian composers Stewart Grant, John Stetch, and Tobin Stokes.

Foothills Brass serves diverse geographical communities from Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, to the United States and overseas. The ensemble is known and highly appreciated for its readiness to tour the many somewhat geographically remote locations in Canada and the US.