JAV David Museum

The JAV David Museum in Killarney has a number of exhibits as well as many period clothing and furniture, books, musical instruments, local paintings and photographs. They also host a large exhibit of personal artifacts from the military in the Killarney area. The museum also has a large amount of archival material including maps, letters, family histories and historical documents from many local service groups.

Visit their Facebook page at:

The Association of Manitoba Museums

150 for 150 Exhibit - an online display of 150 artifacts that help tell Manitoba’s stories as part of Canada and before. The exhibit, which coincides with the 150th anniversary of Manitoba becoming a province this year, can be viewed at

The Manitoba Museum recently launched ManitobaMuseum@Home, with online experiences at This site is a virtual experience where the captivating history of our province, the science that explains our world and the wonders of the universe are shared allowing you to enjoy the museum from the comfort of your home.

The Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG)

The WAG shares art-related content that people can admire from afar, such as My Daily Art, a new series that will share an artwork from the WAG collection every day at

The WAG website,, also contains Do-It-Yourself videos, hands-on activities and learning opportunities for children and adults.

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum

Immerse yourself in rural Manitoba’s past, while understanding the context to the present and future of agriculture. The Austin-based museum has an online artifact collection at

Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada

Experience the 360-degree cockpit tours that allow the visitor to ‘sit’ in the cockpit or cargo hold of many of the museums aircraft from the comfort of home at

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR)

Visit one of several guided virtual tour, participate in children’s activities and other content available at ‘Explore the Museum from Home’ at along with another new feature called ‘Share Your Story’ at

The National Gallery of Canada

Comprising works from antiquity to the present day, the Gallery has one of the finest collections of Canadian and Indigenous art in the world, as well as masterworks from numerous other artistic traditions. Visit them at


Manitoba is home to a rich and diverse number of arts councils and cultural centres. Many of these regional arts and cultural centres have websites that bring an incredible array of art to their communities including visual, performing, literary, dance, architectural, sculpture and digital.

Our fellow art councils are working hard to bring creative, novel and exciting things to their communities during this pandemic. Here is a list of our incredible local and regional art and cultural resources that you can tap into on the internet.


The Louvre

The Louvre is not only one of the world’s largest art museums, but it’s also one of Paris’s most iconic historic monuments. The museum offers free online tours of some of its most important and popular exhibits, such as its Egyptian Antiquities and works from Michelangelo. You can take a 360-degree look at the museum, and click around the rare artifacts to get additional information on their histories. Visit them at

While the architecture of the Guggenheim’s building itself, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is quite impressive, you don’t have to visit the Big Apple to get an up-close view of some of the priceless pieces of artwork inside. The museum makes some of its collections and exhibits available online for people who want to get a taste of what the museum has to offer, including works from Franz Marc, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, and Jeff Koons. Visit them at

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

The National Gallery of Art

Founded in 1937, the National Gallery of Art is free and open to the general public. For those who aren’t in Washington, D.C., it also provides virtual tours of its gallery and exhibits. You can view its current exhibitions and listen to audio and video recordings of past lectures online at

The British Museum

With a collection that totals more than 8 million objects, London’s British Museum makes some of its pieces viewable online. The museum also teamed up with the Google Cultural Institute to offer virtual tours using Google Street View technology. Visit them at

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Washington, D.C.’s National Museum of Natural History, one of the most-visited museums in the world, offers a peek at its wonderful treasures with an online virtual tour of the entire grounds. Viewers are welcomed into its rotunda and are greeted with a comprehensive room-by-room, 360-degree walking tour of all its exceptional exhibits, including the Hall of Mammals, Insect Zoo, and Dinosaurs and Hall of Paleobiology. Visit them at

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met is home to over 2 million works of fine art, but you don’t have to be in New York City to enjoy them. The institution’s website features an online collection and virtual tours of some of its most impressive pieces, including works from Vincent van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, and Giotto di Bondone. In addition, The Met also works with the Google Cultural Institute to make even more artwork (that’s not featured in its own online collection) available for view. Visit them at

The Dali Theatre-Museum

Located in the town of Figueres in Catalonia, Spain, the Dalí Theatre-Museum is completely dedicated to the artwork of Salvador Dalí. It features many rooms and exhibits surrounding every era of Dalí’s life and career, and the artist himself is buried here. The museum offers virtual tours of the grounds and a few exhibits at


NASA offers free virtual tours of the Langley Research Center in Virginia, as well as of Ohio’s Glenn Research Center. The Space Center Houston also has an app that provides virtual tours, augmented reality experiences, and videos and audio stories about space exploration. Visit them at and

The Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums feature an extensive collection of important art and classical sculptures curated by the Popes over many centuries. You can take a virtual tour of the museum grounds and iconic exhibits, including Michelangelo’s ceiling in the Sistine Chapel at

The National Women's History Museum

The mission statement of the National Women’s History Museum in Alexandria, Virginia, is to educate, inspire, empower, and shape the future “by integrating women’s distinctive history and culture in the United States.” Part of that mission is delivered through well-curated online exhibits and oral histories. Visit them at

The Google Art Project

To help its users discover and view important artworks online in high resolution and detail, Google partnered with more than 1200 cultural institutions from around the world to archive and document priceless pieces of art and to provide virtual tours of museums using Google Street View technology. The Google Art Project features fine art from the White House, the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar, and even São Paulo street art from Brazil. Here’s a complete list of museums you can visit virtually at