Sheila Trotter

April 2019

Sheila Trotter

Creatures and Beasts

Sheila Trotter is an artist who hails from Belmont, Manitoba. Her astonishing portraits in oil and pencil will mesmerize you and draw you into the art work.

Other portraits will also be on exhibit from a variety of local sources.

About Sheila

Painting and drawing have always been Sheila’s passion.

When she was younger, she took lessons from instructors who came to the Belmont area. They taught her about the wonder of oil paints and pencils.

Life got very busy on the farm so Sheila put her projects on hold until she retired.

It was at that time that Sheila sharpened her pencils and started doing her artwork again at the turn of the century. During this period, most of her work focused on drawing portraits. But during the last few years, Sheila’s interest in oils returned. So out came her easel, brushes and paint.

“Hopefully I will be able to continue doing what I love” said Sheila. We hope so too.