Art in the Time of COVID-19

Adelyn Nichol

Killarney, Manitoba

An Exercise in Fabric and Thread Painting

Medium: Fabric and thread

I painted the flowers on and then thread painted on my sewing machine.

Scrappy Table Quilts #1

Medium: Assorted scrap material

Scrappy Table Quilts #2

Medium: Assorted scrap material

Fractures times Nine - The Circle of Time

Medium: Fabric with embellishments

Single image of the Nine Fractures

Medium: Fabric with embellishments

Tomasz Skorupa


"Access Denied"

This photograph is from my family town, Kluczbork, where I was born and brought up. The picture presents Early Gothic Evangelical Church from the XIII century.

Joan Kemp

Killarney, Manitoba

Purple Hat

MEDIUM: Alpaca/Merino Blend wool

Knitted Cowl

MEDIUM: Alpaca/Merino blend wool

Katharine Bruce

Holmfield, Manitoba

Outdoor Fun

MEDIUM: Snow, warmth, sun and joy

The Park (Diptych)

MEDIUM: Acrylic with collage on canvas - each piece 4’x5’ unfinished

“Lock Down” Knitting


Using yarn from Wolseley Wool in Winnipeg. I realized I was going to run out and had to improvise. Thankfully I had some Alpaca yarn from Joan Kemp’s Turtle Mountain Alpaca, saved my day!

Mildred Mitchell

Killarney, Manitoba

My husband and I were going through pictures from our past summer holidays when our sons were younger. Both sons recognized where the picture was from when I showed them my drawing. At the time we were amazed by the giant boulders that had been under water the year before.

Pine Point Rapids, Whiteshell Provincial Park

MEDIUM: Charcoal/graphite

Don Engbrecht

Boissevain, Manitoba


MEDIUM: Various steel

The dragonfly and hummingbird scenes bring me spring fever. The dragonfly and hummingbird both, bring us joy and wonderment.

Dragonflies up close


MEDIUM: Various steel

Hummingbird up close

Daisy Chain

MEDIUM: Various steel and dishware

This picture is unique. A local Boissevain artist creates these amazing representations of flowers from antique dishes and plates. My goal was to experiment with using glass and steel together in a sculpture.

Jill Sawatzky

Killarney, Manitoba

Amanda and Levi

MEDIUM: 11x14 Graphite Pencil

Grandpa and Me

MEDIUM: 11x14 Graphite Pencil

Sam MacCool-Garber

Toronto, Ontario

Sam is a 12-year-old animator and budding artist trapped at home during COVID-19 in Toronto, Ontario with his two Moms, big sister and dog Phyllis. He is passionate about animation and taught himself to make animation videos on his own after learning from experts he follows on YouTube. His first video that went “viral” was “Dancing with a Papaya”. After his Mom shared it on Facebook, he was asked to animate a video by the kid’s band The Kerplunks which led to “Dino Rap”. His latest video is an exploration of pandemic boredom and is called “All my sanity is blowing away”.

His YouTube channel is called “Crappy Animations” and he would love it if you would subscribe at:

Dancing with a Papaya

MEDIUM: Computer Animation

Dino Rap

MEDIUM: Computer Animation

All My Sanity is Blowing Away

MEDIUM: Computer Animation

Tatiana Soteropoulos

Born in Nicosia, Cyprus

Currently living in Columbus, Ohio


MEDIUM: Mixed media on wood: soy wax, ink, acrylics, handmade paper

Dimensions: 20” X 20”

Betty Sawatzky

Killarney, Manitoba


MEDIUM: Charcoal

I’ve used a photograph of this violin maker tuning his violin, or doing ‘pizzicato’ which is Italian for ‘tuning’ a stringed instrument. A violin maker is called a luthier

In the original picture he was younger and in a t-shirt. So I put him in the long sleeved shirt to play with the folds and creases and to date him back in time. And I’ve aged him with grey touches to his hair and more wrinkles on his face and hands.

It was a fun piece to do with all the different dynamics; the folds and wrinkles of the clothing, the strength yet tenderness of the luthier’s hands and arms, and the violin itself with hard lines in contrast to the soft shadows but strong emotion on the violin maker’s face.

Kevin Tschetter

Killarney, Manitoba

Here are two Star Wars paintings they have been done during the pandemic. Both are done in acrylic paint on 24x36 canvas. Solo and Chewie was completed on April 19 and Obi Wan and Anakin was completed in May 1. Just in time for Star Wars day. May the 4th be with you!

Solo and Chewie

MEDIUM: Acrylic

Obi Wan and Anakin

MEDIUM: Acrylic

Eunice Buhler

Killarney, Manitoba

The 30 Year Quilt

MEDIUM: Material

Pauline Ireland

Melton Mowbray

United Kingdom

Beaded Adornments


Special Note

The Heritage Home for the Arts had hoped to hold beading workshops this summer with Pauline. Unfortunately it is very unlikely she will be able to travel to Canada this year. However, she has included some reference materials which are available at our very own Killarney library if you would like to introduce yourself to the art of jewellery making and beading. You can also contact us by email at and if we have the pattern you are interested in available, we can share it with you!

Judy Danard

Killarney, Manitoba

The Fluffle

MEDIUM: Acrylic, 24 x 36

My biggest Rabbit painting - lots of time for painting.

COVID-19 Sewing Saviours #1

MEDIUM: Cloth and elastic

ARTIST: Anonymous - Sent to a PMH recipient

Pat Vera

Brandon, Manitoba


Medium: Acrylic

I doodle during meeting. Often my doodles are what you see in the black. However, I took a picture at the lake and my son Ben thought I should paint it. It was of a tree outlined against very blue, evening sky with a small, crescent moon. Now you know why this isn’t what was first in my head. My husband Daryl thought it looked like winter. I thought the branches looked naked. Ergo the blossoms.

Modge Podge

I was experimenting with mod podge.

I transferred an old vanity postcard I picked up in Cuba to a board. It worked! Even the yellow I added transferred. Then I used tissue paper and acrylic to make the frame.

Starry Night Interpreted

Medium: Acrylic

Dot Art #1 & #2

Medium: Acrylic


MEDIUM: Mixed medium


Medium: Alcohol inks

Night Sky Over Forest

MEDIUM: Alcohol inks

Playing with Paints

MEDIUM: Acrylic and oil

Here I was playing with paint to see what it would do. There are many layers on this. I even used a bit of oil paint. I’m not finished.

Jim Hawkins

Killarney, Manitoba

A Season of Killdeers

Medium: Photography

Keith Letts

Killarney, Manitoba

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic I tried two new projects. Since I usually carve birds, I thought I'd try an animal. Here is my attempt at a carving a squirrel. I also took an air brushing class at the Heritage Home for the Arts so I took a stab at air brushing. I guess I'm missing work since I attempted to air brush a couple of eyes. Lots of fun trying new things that are out of your comfort zone. Room for improvement but that's what makes it fun and challenging. Don't be afraid to try something new. Have fun and stay safe.


Medium: Wood carving

The Eyes Have It

Medium: Air brush

Brenda Mitchell

Killarney, Manitoba

Button Caps for the Front Line

MEDIUM: Cotton

Larry Brown, writer

George Wale, photographer

Brantford, Ontario

I have collaborated with photographer George Wale and we have put together a series of photos and flash fiction stories. This is a project spurred to life by the virus and its impact on everyday life. George sent me the photos and I wrote the stories, based on what each photo suggested to me.

Flash Fiction #1

MEDIUM: Photography and written word

We awoke to the shining sun. It streaked the bedroom floor. The coffee-maker, programmed to begin brewing before we were up, apparently had done its job, the rich smell of dark roast perfuming the house. We both smiled. By the time I returned with two steaming mugs of coffee cloud had covered the sun. My wife was propped up on one elbow on the bed. “The sun,” she said, “where is it?” Then rain spat on the windows. It turned to hail, peppering the windows, tinging off the glass. We watched in silence. “Dad,” called a girl's voice, and my wife said, “Who the hell is that?” I wondered the same thing.

Flash Fiction #2

MEDIUM: Photography and written word

Judah Harder

Killarney, Manitoba

Judah is 12 years old and is keeping busy by navigating the many changes this pandemic has brought into his life.

Rainbow Loom Bracelets

MEDIUM: Plastic cord

Clay Food

MEDIUM: Clay and paint

Nature's Self-Portrait

MEDIUM: Sticks and stones


MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas

Amelia Harder

Killarney, Manitoba

Amelia is 8 years old and is a feisty and creative young girl who loves try new art mediums!

Homemade Puffy Paint

MEDIUM: Secret!

Glitter Slime

MEDIUM: Secret!

Paintings 1 & 2

MEDIUM: Acrylic on wood and canvas

Stained Glass Windows

MEDIUM: Homemade chalk paint

Marbled Easter Eggs

MEDIUM: Secret!

Pom Pom Ducks and Rabbits


Olivia Harder

Killarney, Manitoba

Olivia is one of our 2020 high school graduates who has been keeping busy with her baking, art, school work and helping out at home. You may also recognize Olivia as one of our summer students from last year!

Birds Nest Cookies

MEDIUM: Baking

Decorative Signs

MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas and wood

Elyana Rowley

Killarney, Manitoba

Elyana is 8 years old and is a regular at the Heritage Home for the Arts. When she is not busy doing school work at home, she is making art!

Loving Hands


Mark Ireland

Killarney, Manitoba

Grain Elevator

MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas board

16 X 12

Summer Highway

MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas

20 X 16

Autumn Farmyard

MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas

20 X 16

Ice Fishing Huts

MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas

14 X 11

Tim Lawson

Killarney, Manitoba

Common Redpoll

MEDIUM: Wood carving


MEDIUM: Wood carving


MEDIUM: Wood carving

Sharp Shinned Hawk

MEDIUM: Wood carving

Flora Cantlon

Killarney, Manitoba


MEDIUM: Rosemary and love

I 'soul'ation cards by Ty Gwyn Ink

MEDIUM: Pen and ink, watercolour pencils

Marlon Tripp

Killarney, Manitoba

Oak Leaf Bar

MEDIUM: Recycled granary and wood

Judy Hildebrant

Killarney, Manitoba

The COVID-19 Bake Off

MEDIUM: Baking ingredients, love, and comfort!

Jane Ireland

Killarney, Manitoba

The COVID-19 Bake Off Take 2

MEDIUM: Baking ingredients, fear, trepidation, love, and comfort!

Strawberry Cream Cake

Lassy Bread


Hilton's Doubletree chocolate chip cookies

Bacon and cheese scones (made with Tristan Ireland)

An Ireland/Mitchell Joint Venture

Killarney, Manitoba

A little carpentry, sewing and reupholstery

MEDIUM: Repaired stool, fabric and lots of staples!

Sarah Ireland

Melton Mowbray

United Kingdom

Oh Matron!


David Pepper

Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Presence of absence: Soo in Lockdown


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