Just Shoot Me: The Photographic Talents of Local & Regional Photographers

Brenda Klassen

October 15, 1955 - April 4, 2017

There are times in our lives when we are given the honour of knowing a person who exemplifies everything we would like to be - gentle in spirit, kind in deeds, passionate about life, loving and lovable.

Our community was gifted with such a person - Brenda Klassen. We miss her talent, we miss her smile and we miss her.

Doug Derksen

Doug Derksen is a landscape photographer who occasionally comes across wild life. His photographs have appeared in PhotoLife and in exhibitions at Brandon’s 12th Street Studio and Gallery, and the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba.

Jim Hawkins

Jim began taking pictures in his teen years recording family events with a Kodak 110 camera. When his son was born 38 years ago he switched to a 35mm camera to document life events and family memories. He later moved on to digital format and has since expanded his interest in taking wildlife and nature photos. While he doesn’t consider himself a photographer, he does enjoy taking pictures and has managed to capture some stunning images and was encouraged to share some of them in this exhibition.

Suzanne Paddock

Suzanne Paddock has been a photo bug since she was 10 years old, with a point-and-shoot Kodak camera, eventually progressing to a film SLR, and then onto digital. She has photographed "cows and crops" as a young child on the farm, moving on to wedding photography, and now looks for the next great shot. She has enrolled in several workshops and classes and each provides a new outlook on the scene captured by the lens. A new season, another great photo awaits!

Sandy Phillips

As a child, Sandy Phillips remembers always wanting a camera, asking for one every Christmas. She started first with a 110mm film camera, moving to a 35mm and eventually to her first digital camera, a Sony. Taking her film for developing at the 1-hour photo lab, waiting to find out if her prints turned out, and always getting doubles for sharing, was endlessly entertaining. Her first focus was animals, friends and family and she was determined to catch all the moments on film so she would always have them. Today, Sandy shoots with a Canon T7i but in her almost 48 years, she has owned about 10 to 12 different cameras.

The subject of Sandy’s photography has changed over the years. Moving to Killarney in 2009 and starting a family with her husband Cade, meant that son Colton and daughter Makenna became the focus of her work. As the kids grew, and the family began to travel around the rural areas they were posted to, she found herself seeking out wildlife, beautiful scenery and, of course, abandoned houses, cars and barns.

Stacey Shackel

Stacey Shackel lives in Killarney with her husband, Nick. They have a son and daughter, their partners, and an amazing grandson. When not working at the local library, Stacey and her husband love to explore back roads - always on the look out for the next spot to aim her camera and capture all the natural wonders Manitoba has to offer.

Hilda Reimer

Born and raised in Killarney, Manitoba, Hilda chose to make the North Thompson Valley, BC her home in the mid 80’s. Being drawn to nature and surrounded by infinite beauty, “painting with light“ through the lens of a camera became one of her life’s many passions. Having a very active outdoor lifestyle led to extensive world travel through both work and vacations presenting untold moments of photographic inspiration.

To develop her skill as a photographer Hilda graduated from the New York Institute of Photography in 2003. In 2016 and 2017 Hilda’s Art Exhibit, Poles Apart (contrasting the Arctic with Antarctica) was exhibited in the North Thompson Art Council Gallery, Clearwater, BC and in the Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna, BC.

In the past few years work has led her to explore Baffin Island, Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands. To share even a small glimpse of the beauty around us, is a dream of hers, fulfilled.