Heritage Home Gift Shop

Calling all artists!

The Heritage Home for the Arts is inviting interested artists to make an application to sell their work at our gallery gift shop.

The Arts Council's Program Committee meets four times a year to review and make decisions on gift shop applications. Applicants are contacted once a decision has been made. Please note that if we are not able to display your work at this time, you are able to apply again for the next period.

If you have not yet had a chance to visit the Heritage Home for the Arts, we invite you to do so to familiarize yourself with the gift shop and the gallery.

Applications are available by contacting us at ktmartscouncil@gmail.com.

Before making an application, please note the following policies and guidelines:


  • A current Killarney Turtle Mountain Arts Council (KTMAC) membership is required to display item(s) in the gift shop

  • All sellers must sign gift shop contracts. If the seller is under 18, the contract must be signed by a parent or legal guardian

  • There will be a 25% commission on all sales

  • All items will be displayed for three (3) months at which time they will be reviewed to ensure that they are selling. If they are not selling, the seller will be asked to remove the item. The seller can resubmit the item(s) for approval in 6 months time


  • All sellers must submit samples to the KTMAC Program Committee for approval. The Committee will choose what will be accepted in the store using the following guidelines:

o The item must be original artwork – it must be an individual design and hand made by the artist

o Any medium is acceptable including wood, ceramics, paint, leather, glass, fibre etc

o Prints of original artwork are acceptable

o Seasonal pieces will be accepted at certain times of the year such as cultural and religious holidays and the different seasons. These pieces must follow the guidelines outlined above.

urrently at the Gallery Gift Shop

The shop provides space for local and regional artists and artisans to sell their work.

Featured Artists and Artisans:

  • Terra Organa Acres

  • Crooked Canvas

  • Lisa Heide

  • Grant Boden

  • Barry Danard

  • Katharine Bruce

  • Margaret Law

  • Jeanine Turnbull

  • Tranquil Therapies for Health

  • Leslie Paulet

  • Kristine Schultz-Lecocq

  • Mary Lowe

  • Mark Beaupre

Please come in and visit the gift shop anytime during gallery hours. You can also order online by going to https://forms.gle/SAVtStFXSMaQDeWu6 and completing the form. We accept PayPal, cash, cheques and e-transfers (ktmartscouncil@gmail.com).

Beeswax Candles designed and handcrafted by

Janet Dickson, Tranquil Therapies for Health

Terra Organa Acres

Bee Wrapped

The natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage

Lisa Heide

Original artwork and prints available

Contact the Heritage Home Gift Shop for more information

Leslie Paulet

Mountain Chic - For the love of the outdoors

Handpainted resin necklace on wood


Handpainted bracelets with resin


Handpainted Wooden Key Chains


Nature Paintings


10 X 10

$50 each

Mary Lowe

Hand sculpted clay animals

Contact the Heritage Home Gift Shop for more information