We, Myself, and Us

March 4 - 26, 2022

The Winnipeg Pantsuit Collective

We, Myself, and Us showcases the work of Mentoring Artists for Women's Art (MAWA) 2019-2020 Foundation Mentorship Program mentees. Formed in September 2019, our cohort of mentees/mentors spent the first half of the program getting to know each other in person.

During the second half, the group structure shifted in parallel to the pandemic where no contact meetings ensued. The emotional and social changes felt across the world over the past years have served as inspiration for this exhibition. The work explores the complexities and dualities of the relationships that structure life and influence day to day living. As artists, each of us has taken a critical look at the structure and nature of our relationships and how they fit into the self-defined We, Myself, and Us.


Connections that exist between couples: person to person, person to object: The work explores themes of cohabitation, disruption of the mundane relationship, marriage, sexuality, and partnerships.


The sense of self or identity that an individual develops throughout their lifetime: The work explores themes of depression, the cyclical nature of life and death, empowerment, and identity.


Relationships as they evolve into family units and other non-couple relationships: The work explores themes of social expectations, the fluid nature of relationships, experiencing loss and grief.