Hip Hop Hoop Dance

Hip Hop Hoop Dance


Terrance Littletent is from the Kawacatoose Cree Nation and born in Regina, Saskatchewan. Much of his traditional teachings were inherited through his family and elders, singers and dancers, storytellers and academics. Terrance is an accomplished Grass and Hoop Dancer who has traveled across Canada, the United States, and overseas, sharing his gift of song, dance, and narrative, in humble way. At the age of 6, Terrance had already been introduced to the traditional techniques and movement skills used to create his own dance choreography. By the age of 8, Terrance’s uncle, Kirby Littletent, presented him with the gift of the hoop, which inspired Terrance to continue his uncle’s legacy of sharing the ways of their people. Eleven years later, Terrance became recognized as a World Renowned Hoop Dancer.

As an educator, producer, and performer, Terrance continues to find ways to bridge traditional and contemporary dance and music styles. He is also employed as a Cultural Liaison, working with community school students in the public school system.


Aside from being an award-winning triple threat performer, Chancz Perry is a committed interdisciplinarian who loves to explore relationships between arts and social sciences. He was nominated for two Jessie Richardson Awards and a recipient of the Vancouver Sun Reader’s Choice Award for Entertainer of the Year. While completing his criminology and dance degrees at Simon Fraser University, he was presented with 13 scholastic, leadership, and community service awards. He choreographs, produces, performers, and presents his works internationally.

Some of his latest creations include, Kulu (short film), Pushing Beyond the Pale (short film), Tunde: The African Warrior (live theatre); and Hip Hop Hoop Dance (live theatre). Chancz teaches creative theatre, dance, and movement at the University of Regina and the Globe Theatre School. He is currently completing a Master of Education, focusing on movement therapy as a mean of rehabilitation, and worked in a supervisory role for the YWCA Kids In Transition Shelter.