The Art of the Political

September 4 to 26, 2020

Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 12 noon to 4:00 pm

Featuring a selection of original art work and prints by Phil Hossack, Dennis Tourbin, Aislin (Terry Mosher), Maria Lezon, Bhatboy, and Rich Ahern

“After 40 years practicing art via photojournalism...civil unrest, protest whether public or private is at the core in that matter if politician, protestor, soldier or refugee is in my viewfinder, change, or the demand for it is the narrative. Friction is the stimulus of change...narrative is what lasts. In my case visual narrative…”

- Phil Hossack

Featured artist Phil Hossack has been recognized for his work locally, nationally and internationally. His work has been published in newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Dennis Tourbin, our second featured artist, was a painter, poet, performance artist, novelist, poetry magazine publisher, and arts activist. His art blended the colourful stylistic influences of American pop art with the nationalist concerns of Canadian regionalism. He was also aware early on of the importance of media on our cultural consciousness, and media became his main source of inspiration all of his life. A poet, Dennis was fascinated by language and the interplay of text and image fragments which created new meanings.

Hossack and Tourbin are joined by other celebrated artists whose works reflect a very Canadian political sensibility.

For health and safety reasons, and in an attempt to reduce the amount of paper we use, the exhibition booklet for The Art of the Political can be provided by email.

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Silent Auction Items

Collector's Item

Special Souvenir Edition of "Trudeau"

Prepared for the National Leadership Convention of the Liberal Party of Canada, June 14-16, 1984

On the occasion of a tribute to its leader

The Right Honourable Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Value: $150 Starting bid: $75

The Button Tells the Story

A wide ranging collection of buttons from political and leadership campaigns as well as social issues buttons, many that are still relevant today.

The cost of the buttons ranges from $5 to $10 with all proceeds going towards the operation of the gallery.

Lapel Pins

Many of the pins available for purchase come from national and international travel. Meant to be worn as lapel pins or on other items of clothing such as hats, these pins represent a sense of pride from the various provinces, countries, and social activism that permeates our world. All pins are available for purchase for $2 each.

Aislin - "Canada's Best Satirist"

Aislin (aka Terry Mosher) is considered to be one of the most influential cartoonists in English Canada. Maclean’s said of Aislin that “he was probably the best satirist in Canada.”

Now is your chance to own one of Aislin's many books of caricatures. And don't forget to view his cheeky pieces in this exhibition!

Value: $20 to $30 Starting bid: $5