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Patron of the Arts

Patrons make a yearly commitment of $25.00 or more per month ($300 or more per year).

Thank you to our patrons:

  • Wayne and Adelyn Nichol

  • Eunice and Ervin Buhler

  • Connie & Bruce Blixhavn

  • John Giesbrecht

  • Ron and Carol Chapman

  • Susan and Emanuel Van De Velde

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Thank you to all of our donors for your support.

We could not do this without you!

Heritage Home for the Arts

Restoration Project Donors

Bill and Barb Vanderstel

Bob and Susan Nay

Bruce and Connie Blixhavn

Bruce and Pat Turner

Dennis and Betty Turner

In Memory of Donna Wilkins

Joe and Nancy King

Killarney and District Horticultural Society

Killarney Optometric Centre

Moore Building Centre

Nora and Thomas Walshe

R/C Peters Farm Ltd

Rocky Mountain Equipment

Ron Chapman

Susan Lamont

Tim and Jean Lawson

Tripp-le “T” Plumbing and Heating

Susan and Emanuel Van De Velde

Canada 150 KCI Alumni Band

Brent and Kathy Gilmore

Brent Foote

David and Debbie Jones

Dennis and Brenda Mitchell

Dr Keith and Linda Letts

Heather G Sabad

Jean Lovett and Family – In Memory of Winston

Killarney Commodity Marketing Club

Killarney Home Hardware – Toews Family

Killarney Pharmacy – Chris and Jacqui Johnson

Preceptor Lambda Beta Sigma Phi Killarney

Stan and Carol Reimer

Brad and Wendy Thiessen

Chapman Motors

Creative Kitchens

Wayne and Adelyn Nichol

Ervin and Eunice Buhler

Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation

Pugh’s Sand and Gravel

Triple B Blixhavn Farms Ltd

Brandon Area Community Foundation

Killarney Kinsmen Club

Thomas Sill Foundation

Manitoba Government - Designated Heritage Building Grant

Municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain

Manitoba Government - Community Places Program Grant

The Killarney Foundation