Afterword: A Book Project

The Drawn Together Collective


Katharine Bruce, Amy Buehler, Susana Danyliuk, Anne Fallis, Colleen Granger, Mary Lowe, and Lisa Lysack

March 5 to March 26, 2021

Financial assistance provided by the Manitoba Arts Council

The Drawn Together Collective - left to right - Lisa Lysack, Susana Danyliuk, Colleen Granger, Mary Lowe and Amy Buehler.

PIctured below - left to right - Anne Fallis and Katharine Bruce

Afterword: A Book Project

Words evoke powerful ideas, images and emotions.

Afterword: A Book Project demonstrates the uniquely personal reactions to an author’s work that enters a world beyond words where art making takes over.

Women artists respond to women authors in a place often relegated to “the middle of nowhere” - the vastness of the prairie.

Through words, through art making, Afterword: A Book Project reveals that this place of flat land and huge sky is replete with vibrant life. Where people live, who they are and the experiences they have, all inform how individuals interpret the world around them or comprehend words in a book.

The connections found between prairie authors and prairie artists in this project have resulted in a dynamic display of interdisciplinary art that deals with an array of concepts and decodes the complex reality of what it means to be a woman, perhaps especially, a prairie woman.

Afterword: A Book Project

Doug Derksen

Katharine Bruce

War, such a little word


9 - 12 X 12” = 12” x 9’ 4”

Doug Derksen

Katharine Bruce

It must be true what they say about art, and pain, whatever they say about that

Acrylic on boards - 12 X 12

8 – 12 x12” pieces = 12” x 8’ 4”

Doug Derksen

Amy Buehler

“Metamorphosis: The Butterflies are Bleeding”

Mixed media wall installation

7’10”h x 8’6”w x 10” deep


Doug Derksen

Mary Lowe



Clay and acrylic

18”l x 20.5” h x 5”w

Doug Derksen

Lisa Lysack

The Remnant of Contact

Oil and Cold Wax on Panel




12 Monotypes on Paper

9x11.5 each


Doug Derksen

Anne Fallis

All wheel thrown ceramics with attached sticks, bones or antlers

2021 #11 tray with stick

2021 #12 cup

2021 #23 cup with stick

2021 #24 cup with stick

2021 #25 cup with stick

Doug Derksen

Colleen Granger

Embedment 1 and 2

Oil, cold wax, flax straw and seeds on birch panel

2 triptychs @ 12” x 31” each


Doug Derksen

Colleen Granger

Confluences of Chance and Choice 1, 2 and 3

Rughooked yarn, embroidery thread, burlap

As a triptych 22” x 37” total

As individual rughooks 22 x 12”


Doug Derksen
Doug Derksen

Susana Danyliuk

January: Depth, light and memories

mixed with acrylic

31 - 9x9” pieces = 45 x 63”


We thank the Manitoba Arts Council for

their generous support of this exhibition