Don Engbrecht

July to September 2019

Don Engbrecht

Sculpture Garden at the Heritage Home for the Arts

Don Engbrecht grew up on a farm south west of Boissevain, Manitoba. He worked in the agricultural sector for most of his life, including farming and agricultural retail sales. He is now retired.

Don has always been the kind of person that would gravitate to repairing things himself or constructing whatever was needed with wood or metal. He liked, and continues to enjoy, working with his hands.

Since early childhood, Don was always collecting something. He seldom discarded things that might be able to be used again. This habit continued throughout his adult life. Don believes in the adage “waste not, want not” and considers that recycling and repurposing materials is fundamental to good stewardship of that which has been entrusted to us.

Don looks forward to a number of years of further inspiration in creating meaningful art sculptures from worthless metal.

Don’s sculptures will be on display in the gardens of the Heritage Home for the Arts throughout the summer and early fall.

For information about purchasing a piece, please contact the Heritage Home at 431-734-0394 or by email at