Mga Kulay (Colours)

Mga Kulay (Colours)

Robert Garcia

June 5-30, 2022

Robert D. Garcia is a 36 years old Filipino artist and immigrant worker. He came to Manitoba in 2014, working as a meat cutter at HyLife Foods. He started painting at age 10, using pencils in different shades. He learned how to use watercolor and acrylic when his neighbor, one of the local artists in his town, mentored him.

Growing up in countryside, nature became a vital subject of his artworks. Robert wants to depict the beauty of our environment through his brushes and paints.

Robert dreamed of using oil as his medium, but there was no way he could afford it. When he had the opportunity to earn more money by working abroad, he did not think twice. He therefore only started using oil when he immigrated to Canada.

Robert feels that his dreams are starting to come true now.